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* Discrimination complaint. 


* Discrimination in Policing } An African American resident believed that he was being harassed by the City of New Berlin Police.

RESOLUTION: 4/15/2021: This situation will be monitored by legal redress and housing.

* City of Waukesha | Discrimination in prosecution of traffic violations. 3/5/2021

RESOLUTION : Situation was mitigated.  NAACP shall continue to monitor this activity in Waukesha.

* County of Waukesha Sheriffs Department | Hiring of Officer Mensa. 2/19/2021.

RESOLUTION: Work with Sophia Waukesha to object to this individuals hiring. 

* City of Delafield | Decision to keep the Gadsden Flag on municipal property which has been used to symbolize racial intolerance. 2/8/2021

RESOLUTION:  5/31/2021: The executive committee will provide a letter to the City of Delafield objecting to the presentation of flag; and, the dog-whistling of racial hatred. 

* County of Waukesha District Attorney | Discrimination against African American defendants and excessive charging. 1/26/2021

RESOLUTION: Recommendation to file a claim of discrimination against the DA in the case with the Office of Lawyer Regulation 608 267 7274 or 877 315 6941 or


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